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 When purchasing cabinetry it is important to realize that natural finished woods allow the beauty and true qualities of the wood to show through. We use the best grades of solid hardwoods and hardwood veneers that are available, however, natural woods do vary in color from shades of white, red, black, and even some green. The minerals and acids in the soil in which the tree was grown determine these variations.  Natural characteristics such as mineral streaks. variations in graining and or color will nt be considered defects unless otherwise specified by Smithport Cabinetry.

Custom color finishes are applied by the handwork of our experienced employees and the samples of these finishes are to be used as a guide only. Some custom color finshes have very subjective treatments where each door becomes "one-of-a-kind" in appearance and could vary from door to door, however, will blend within the entire room of cabinetry. Smithport Cabinetry will not warrant these variations and considers them to be acceptable on all hand finished products. 

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